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"The Lost Tales of the Kilimanjaro Club." 

Ron Lamberson

"The story is filled with offbeat characters and meticulous descriptions of locales ranging from glamorous to squalid... [Readers] will enjoy the story’s characters and vivid descriptions, which bring to mind the work of Lee Child (the Jack Reacher series) and J.D. Dudycha (creator of FBI Special Agent Jasper James)."—Blue Ink Review

Praise for The Poachers of Immortality


Book Club Adventures!

Ron loves connecting with readers, sharing insights, and celebrating the awesomeness of book clubs. As a special gift to book clubs everywhere, Ron will join your discussion in person (for Denver area groups) or via Zoom. Contact Ron at to discuss availability and the cool genres your book club loves to explore.

This is a photo of the book cover for A Grave Invitation.
This is a photo of the book cover for The Poachers of Immortality.


This is a photo of Ron Lamberson

Ron Lamberson is a novelist and freelance writer, having previously endured a Purgatory-like existence as an HR professional. Ron has published four novels, including, Heavy Metal MoonA Grave Invitation, and The Poachers of Immortality. He has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University. Ron is a passionate traveler, having visited over 25 countries on five continents.

He spends some of his free time struggling to learn guitar, attending concerts, and avoiding injury on the tennis court. He is an unabashed fan of the bands Nine Inch Nails and Toto — don’t judge. He is not a fan of the long-term effects of gravity on his body, most 70’s soft rock, or attempting to maintain his lawn. Ron is currently working on his next novel while living his dream life as a husband, father, and dog wrangler.  

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